Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Unbalanced - Why America is Falling Over

Most Americans don't realize how unbalanced we are (see above). Balance is a healthy thing for Democracy. We once had a healthy Democracy.
We once had balance, but 30 years of rigging the rules to advantage the elites who disproportionately fund (bribe) politicians has led to the Plutocracy we have today, where bankster crooks on Wall St. get bail outs and working people get attacked and are told to give up more of what little they have left and are propagandized to envy those workers that still have something left of what it once meant to be middle class in America.
It's a divide and conquer strategy by the Plutocracts like the Koch Bros and their puppets like Scott Walker and the other Radical Republicons who would have wealth rule like a banana republic.

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