Monday, March 28, 2011

GOP$ter$ Fear the Public

With the center of gravity for Wisconsin located in the southeast, where are the GOP$ters going to hold PUBLIC hearings on their budget bill? As far away from the public as possible, Stevens Point, Arcadia and Minong (MINONG?!). O.K. and West Allis. I guess they couldn't be totally blatant about waving their privates at the public.

We've long known that public is a dirty word to these corporatists, what's become evident now is that is also a scary word to them. Scary because of course Repubicons are A$$holes and A$$holes are fearful.

Or maybe I'm wrong and they just wanted to tour the highways that will get special treatment from the millions of dollars being diverted from the public education of our children to the corporate sponsors in the road builder lobby. But I'm willing to bet that the only facilities capable of accomodating a large public event in Arcadia and Minong are the public's schools.

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