Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Forget GOP$ter Protest Today - Racine Marriott

Racine County GOP$ters are having their annual Lincoln Denegration Dinner today at the Racine Marriott to shill for their corporatist sponsors. Gather in the Case HS parking lot. Bring a sign or a noise maker. I'm bringing my cowbell. I've gotta fever for more cowbell and less Snott Wanker!

Invited guests include Scott Walker (word is he'll be there), Ron Johnson & JB Van Hollen. Cocktales @ 5:30, piggies to the trough @ 6:30.

1 comment:

sh4gs said...

Piggies to the trough @ 630? Is WEAC coming? I thought you said this was a GOP Event....

Perhaps you may want to review the facts over the last say 2 years of crap that has come out of the Dem party. More taxes? Higher Taxes? How about some more fees….

Where was this Madison Judge last year when Doyle and his cronies raised the state taxes by $1 billion last year?

Go Walker Go. As for the true PIGGIES in Wisconsin.. Keep your hands off my money…