Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Town Hall Meeting At Case HS Thurs & Buses to Madtown Sat

A message to all members of Community for Change

There will be a Budget Town Hall on Thursday (March 10) at 7pm at Case High School. Sponsored by the Institute for Wisconsin's Future.
Be there and spread the least it won't be cold!
Buses! We got buses going to Madison on Saturday:

From Racine/AFL-CIO

Racine 1 bus (Kobussen School Bus)
12:00 pm Park & Ride Racine/Sturtevant

(First come first serve)

From Racine/Voces de la Frontera

Buses depart 10 am from Pick ‘n Save, 2210 Rapids Dr. Return at 6:30 pm
(To reserve your seat for Racine buses call: 262-619-4180

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