Sunday, February 02, 2014

Serfs Up! The Republicon War on Education

Unfortunately, Republican State Senator Dale Schultz has had enough and recently announced his retirement as The Last Decent, Good-Willed, Rational and Public-Minded Republican in the Badgered State. We owe him our thanks for helping stop (for now) the most recent example of GOPster Blitsgesetz (Lightning Law) in the form of an absolutely horrible bill that is just latest attack in the ongoing Republicon War on Public Education.

"Every hero needs an enemy," Schultz observes, "and someone made the decision that public educators are going to be the enemy."

Of course the think tank to which Senator Schultz is referring, 
that has made this decision for us all is the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC), oh Benito would so proud! And one must wonder, if the good Senator feels like a Serf, what the hell does that make all of the rest of us!? Mere chattel I suppose. And why the hell then are We Paying these People to be Middlemen for Imposing the Will of our Corporate Rulers, FREEDUMB!

Senator Schultz is also wise enough to see through the GOPropaganda mantra of Failing Public Schools - Fairies, Frog Princes & Failing Public Schools"Failing schools, hell," he said at a recent public forum. "Would you like to take me and show me, in my district, where are the failing schools?" AMEN Senator Schultz! Your kind will be sadly missed when you're extinct.

What's really galling however is that so many people are gullible enough to believe that the Vulture School Republicons actually care about the students who are failing in such large numbers because of the concentrated poverty where they live and go to school. That's about as believable as the notion that the Republicons still believe in Freedom and Democracy, when clearly it's All about the Money and Only about the Money!

Yours Truly,
Sean Cranley - CorpSerf#: OIMNFD-1-NURFD-2

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Nemo said...

"All about the Money and Only about
the Money!"

Two words sean, Mary Burke. (Or is that "Money Burke"?) Heh.