Monday, July 06, 2015

Rulercons & the Public's Rights

Nothing good happens after midnight. That goes double for the attempted imposition of government secrecy by the Rulercons. On the eve of our Declaration of Independence from a tyrant, last Thursday in the wee hours all 16 Republicans on the Badgered State's Joint Finance Committee voted to eviscerate the public's open records law and gag current and former legislative aids from discussing who is drafting our laws. Though NONE will take credit for introducing this garbage!

The corrupt Wrong Way Walker and his minions didn't like that We The People found out that Gogebic Taconite wrote the new mining law that ripped a deep hole in our environmental standards. Alberta the Darling of Fox Hills didn't like it that the public was informed that profiteers were writing Wisconsin's Vulture School expansion bill. Robin Vos despises citizens knowing that he's the public chair of the fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC) that screws the public by global corporations secretly writing and voting on laws that are brought to the Badgered State and imposed on its citizens.

This is just one more salvo in the Republican Party’s war on the public, our Public K12 Schools, Public Tech Colleges, Public Transportation, Public Employees, Public Parks and Lands, Public Universities and now the Public’s right to know. These people are no longer Public Servants, they're private servants, they don’t believe in representative democracy, you know, our Republic. These Slow-Motion Terrorists are working on behalf of their private master's interests to wage war on the public. In light of which, the word “public” no longer fits in the name Republican Party. Since they’re all about power and control, let’s call them what they are Rulers!

Thankfully, the good people of Wisconsin, both the left and right recognized this assault on representative democracy and revolted! And as with their outrageous attack on the Wisconsin Idea, these Rulercons blinked and pulled back their blitz on our freedom and our Republic. But make no mistake, they all voted for this garbage and it shows exactly who they are. Traitors!

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