Friday, July 31, 2015

Feudalist Robin Vos Assaults the Serf's Right-to-Know

So I picked up a Wisconsin Gazette the other day and there was a good article about all the anti-conservation mearsures crammed into the Badgered State budget by the Republicons. Many of the items focused on the Enbridge Tar sands company and their pipelines and guess who comes into play, our own little feudalist Robin of Vos.

Enbridge was having trouble with Dane County in getting approval for their pipeline. So GOPsters made any local insurance requirements illegal. Cuz they're all about local control, right? Furthermore, they changed Wisconsin's eminient domain law, giving Enbridge essentially the right to take any property they want, anywhere in the state, for any pipeline they want to build.

And here's the kicker Wisconsin Public Radio obtained drafting memo's through the Public-right-to-know law that a staffer in Vos' office invited Enbridge attorneys to sit down with law maker's and "assist" them in drafting these measures.

More evidence about why the GOPsters in general and Robin Vos in particular, don't want you to know, what they don't want you to know and why they don't want you to know it, to protect their "Constituents" from the serfs, you know, you the people!

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