Friday, November 14, 2014

Robin Vos - Forked Tongue and Fangs Award!

I Hate Freedom Thiiiiiiiiiiis Much!

"Representative" Vos showed his true scales when he assaulted the freedom of conscience of one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks and demonstrated his penchant for cronyism, this time in reverse. He also exposed his fangs with the never very thinly veiled disdain he and his "caucus" from around the state hold for Wisconsin's urban centers and the folks that live there generally and for Milwaukee specifically. 

Whatever your position on funding for a new stadium for the team, or any other decision regarding the use of public funds for private purposes, the decision should be made on it's merits for the general welfare and NOT on the political positions of an American citizen, their ability to produce political payola or which party is the recipient. In fact it is against state corruption laws for Vos to do so!

But as we've seen repeatedly, that is not how the VOS / Valker Republicons who now rule the Badgered State roll when it comes to things like the corrupt WEDC and G-Tack's Walker directed bribery to the Wisconsin Club for Growths during the recall campaign in order to get their iron mine rammed through. That is how "business" is now conducted in what was once America's shining example of good governance, fair play and transparency. My once strong faith in the good sense and goodwill of the people of Wisconsin has been sorely shaken by the continued re-election of extreme, corrupt, slick-slithering and ill-willed career politicians like Robin Vos and his ilk.

Therefore, for the the @$$Oli$h exhibition of ill-liberal, venomous ill-will and disdain for representative democracy above and beyond the call of duty, the Gerrymanderer Vos is hereby awarded BAP's Forked Tongue and Fangs Award. FREEDUMB!

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