Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Fairies, Frog Princes & Failing Schools!

Scooter "Koch Ho" Walker & Robin "Vulture" Vos

Yup, it's the Poverty Stupid. DUH!

We've said it before, there is No Such Thing as a Failing School! Students fail, and where students fail in large concentrations it's due to factors Concentrated in the Community, Principally Poverty that are out side the school house walls and beyond the control of educators. We've also noted that income inequality is bad for the economy and causes more Poverty!

Well now here is the solid evidence that the two together, increasing income inequality and increasing poverty are at the heart of the so called education crisis in America. Linked below is an excellent article by David Sirota on education and who the Public School bashing, Vulture School pushing Republicon "Reformers" really serve, what their hidden agenda is (because EVERYTHING they do has one!) and why they Dare Not speak of concentrated poverty as the root cause!


EXCERPT:  America’s wealthiest traditional public schools happen to be among the world’s highest-achieving schools. Most of those high-performing wealthy public schools also happen to be unionized. If, as “reformers” suggest, the public school system or the presence of organized labor was really the key factor in harming American education, then those wealthy schools would be in serious crisis — and wouldn’t be at the top of the international charts. Instead, the fact that they aren’t in crisis and are so high-achieving suggests neither the system itself nor unions are the big factor causing high-poverty schools to lag behind. It suggests that the “high poverty” part is the problem.

That, of course, shouldn’t be a controversial notion; it is so painfully obvious it’s amazing anyone would even try to deny it. But that gets back to motive: The “reform” movement (and its loyal media outlets) cast a discussion of poverty as taboo because poverty and inequality are byproducts of the same economic policies that serve that movement’s funders.

It's the GREED People! Don't let the these shills for the Profiteers turn our children into their Revenue Streams!

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