Friday, February 14, 2014

The GOPster Tsunami of Election Fraud Begins!

Voter Intimidation & Misinformation
My Dearest One, I must solicit your in strictest confidence in this transaction, by virtue of it nature being utterly confidential top secret and by greatest magnitude of pending transaction with which I must rely of your gracious assistance to your maxiimum benefit in enormity. I am Daughter Marisah Okon of Nigerian Prince . . . you get the idea, it a scam.

Well it's an election year and if your the shamelessly unethical GOParty of Dirty Tricks, who Relies on Lies and believes that the End Justifies, NO REQUIRES, The Means, what do you do? You Commit Fraud, of course!

The National Republicon Congressional Committee hes set up dozens of fake campaign websites specifically designed to DEFRAUD Americans by tricking them into donating Their Money to the Slitherin Snakes in the Grass (GOPsters) instead of their intended beneficiary.

EXCERPT: "It turns out that the political organization has purchased over a dozen domain names of Democratic candidates up for election and set up real-looking-but-fake websites. The worst part of all – besides the blatant deception and malice for the electorate – is that fact that since it has been exposed, the NRCC has stated that they are “very proud of the program” and have promised to expand it. It seems they can’t even be shamed into stopping their borderline fraud." END

GOPride in their Deception and Malice, is Anyone surprised by this? These people Have No Shame! In fact they plan on rolling out more of these Fraudulent Websites as midterms approach.

And of course we have the cowed mainstream media obligatory attempt to seem "fair" by making a false equivalency with out a shred of evidence to back it up. EXCERPT: "These Republicans are far from the only group to engage in behavior like this – questionable campaign tactics are expected from both parties." END

Really!? Can we get some real examples of Democrats or affiliated groups engaging in serial election fraud? I can think of one, the tire slashing incident in Milwaukee back in what, 2004? That was local, isolated, not sanctioned by the party and they got caught and Punished, thank you very much. On the other hand, I can think numerous, repeated, regional and national examples from the GOPster groups and the GOParty directly, like the case we're examining here, right from the GOPlutocracy Top, the NRCC.

And this is just the beginning, soon we'll see the perennial attempts to misinform voters about when they can vote, where they can vote and to scare voters with false information about who is eligible to vote and the associated penalties. Of course voting machines will be in short supply in heavily democratic districts in battleground states, and others may be hacked. Perhaps we'll see a return of the denial of service attacks against Democratic call centers and the purging of voter rolls. And of course the Unpatriotic attempt by Fork Tongued Ones to disenfranchise voters with false claims of voter fraud, when it is THEY who are the Fraudsters, has been in full swing since the Bush/Rovian U.S. Attorneys scandal and got a recent shot in the arm by the Extreme Court Judicial Hacktivist repeal of the part of the Voting Rights Act.

Well all I can say is that if you're foolish enough to turn your country over to people who are ethically bankrupt and power hungry enough to commit fraud to get elected, you're probably also foolish enough to be surprised when they defraud you through your government and rob you of your representation. You might as well give the keys to America to Nigerian Scam Artists! 

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