Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Walker Hurts Wisconsin Workers

As Gubnah Smug Walker signed the Republicon crafted disaster called the state budget, his selfish, ideological and irresponsible refusal to accept Federal Medicaid funding as part of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare has real consequences for real Wisconsin workers.

A person that I know well works for a non-profit agency that employs hundreds of home healthcare workers. These Wisconsinites perform personal care for disabled citizens in their homes. They do the lifting, bathing, feeding, cleaning and other everyday acts most of us take for granted, that some of our neighbors cannot do for themselves.  The population is aging and these workers will continue to provide vital supports for people who wish to age gracefully and remain in their own homes.We are all potentially one injury or illness away from needing their services. It's a job that comes with hard work, low pay and the requirement to have and maintain a reliable vehicle.
The agency's tight budget does not allow them to provide health insurance to these workers who help maintain the health of others. Most of them make just enough over the poverty level (about $11k per year) that they won't qualify for Walker's revised eligibility Badgercare. However, because of the low earnings of these mostly full-time workers, they would have qualified for healthcare coverage under the expanded federal medicaid funding. But because the ideologue in the Gubnah's mansion turned away $120 million federal dollars with Wisconsin's name on it because he thinks he can be president, these hundreds of workers and 85,000 other Wisconsin citizens are $hit Outta Luck!                            


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