Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Voting Rights - A 50 State Strategy!

The Fifty-State Strategy: In light of the Robed Reactionary Judicial Hactivists on the U.S. Extreme Court gutting voting protections from the Voting Rights Act and knowing that the Republicon traitors are intent on enacting voter suppression laws in every state of the union, the Democrats need to adopt a fifty state strategy!

Instead of updating and fixing the Voting Rights Act as it was formulated, focused on the Jim Crow states of the south, the Democratic Party needs to put forth federal legislation that protects the voting rights of All Americans in Every State, TODAY, from the Neo-Jim Crow GOPsters. Keenly aware that demographics are against them and their Corporate Sponsors, the Republicons will Hiss and Writhe at this idea and they will fight it with all the Venomous Malice they can Muster.

Let them! Let these Pseudo-patriots expose their Fangs and openly oppose the right of All American Citizens to Vote and see where that gets them!

Let's see the Democratic Party do something ballsy, smart and quite frankly, Patriotically American and step down hard on the necks of these Vipers and make their Forked Tongues Loll!

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