Thursday, June 06, 2013

GOPsters Pile on the Shtuff!

GOPster Crapitalism Delivered!

The budget the Republicon's are in the process of enacting is not only mean-spirited, it's fiscally irresponsible and grossly immoral. Kicking 85,000 Wisconsin citizens off Badgercare so they can refuse to accept $120 million in federal money to cover their healthcare, while giving big tax breaks to rich people by borrowing one time money and falsely claiming they've eliminated Wisconsin's budget deficit is just disgusting. 55% of the tax savings would go to people making over $100,000 per year, another unstimulative gift in the 30-year long failed experiment/scam of supply-side economics. They're also funneling our tax dollars to private/religious schools, by giving a tax credit to anyone, regardless of income, who sends their kids to private schools. Budgets are moral documents and this budget, crafted in the dead of night by extremist ideologues and their corporatist lobbyists while good Wisconsinites slept, is egregious, absurd and heartless. SHAME on all of you!

And on top of refusing the $120 million in federal medicaid money the GOPsters approved another $70 million dollars to go to the corporate hospitals to make sure THEY are not hurt when the uninsured people show up hurting at the emergency room and try to get healthcare.

You SEE? Even THEY don't believe their own nonsense that these poor people will be able to afford health insurance under the Obamacare exchanges! And they have in fact ADMITTED, to the tune of $70M that they're kicking Wisconsinites off of healthcare and that their lying about it! 

Note that the insurance exchanges were designed for middle class Americans and the poor were supposed to be covered by expanded medicaid. The Republicons through their radical and immoral budget have placed their extremist ideology above our fellow citizens. And they dare to call themselves "Christians" while they kneel before their golden calf!

To add insult to injury, the ill-willed corporate shills are making poor Wisconsinites jump through hoops that the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative fiscal Bureau estimates will cause 32,000 of our fellow citizens to lose access to federal food assistance while not only not saving one penny, but rather actually COSTING us $17 million dollars? That's mean-spirited, ridiculous and fiscally irresponsible. But they have no shame.

Funneling money to private schools and expanding Vulture Schools statewide while lying to us that our treasured Wisconsin Public schools are failing to justify their for-profit privateering plan is a dishonest betrayal. There is No Such Thing as a Failing School!

Their politically motivated and constitutionally questionable attack on investigative journalism (The Fourth Estate!) has even got Charlie Sykes and WTMJ on the right side of an issue for a change! “A popular Government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” - James Madison

Then of course there is their fALEC inspired perennial attack on democracy to stamp out the non-existent scourge of voter fraud through a bill that would (EXCERPT):
• Eliminate remaining controls on corporate spending to buy elections.
• Eliminate key disclosure requirements for election spending.
• Undermine controls against influence peddling and lobbyist abuses.
• Establish a restrictive and expensive voter ID requirement.
• Place severe limits on early voting.
• Make it harder to register to vote.
• Make it easier to disenfranchise voters by rejecting legitimately cast ballots on technicalities.
Benito would be proud of his ideological offspring among the Wiscossippi GOPsters!
And all of these assaults are possible ONLY because the Republicons grossly gerrymandered OUR legislative districts last year under Robin "Vulture" Vos' oath of secrecy from the Public. You see they lost the popular vote for Senate and Assembly by a substantial margin statewide last November!

When will people realize that the traitorous Republicons long ago stopped believing in representative democracy and that everything they do has a hidden GOPolitical or Crapitalistic agenda behind it, EVERYTHING!

In this case it's punishing the poor, enriching their profiteering sponsors, destroying public education, union busting voter suppression, more corporatist control over OUR elections and removal of the citizens of Wisconsin as the sovereign people able to recall THEIR REPRESENTATIVES. But what can you say about these gerrymandering fascists taking advantage of their opportunity for "Legitimate Rape" when enough of us are ignorant enough to think they represent, or even give a crap about us and vote them in?

Yours Truly,

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