Wednesday, July 03, 2013

It's the Liberal Elite!

The above letter to the editor, It's the Liberal Elite Who've Taken this Country on the Path to Ruin by admitted Obamaphobe Kathleen Ehlen, appeared in the June 20th 2013 Burlington Standard Press and is reposted here, as with analysis, as follows below.

First of all, the batty scattering above is supposed to be a response to my letter from the previous week which was a slightly edited version of the following BAP blog Post: Apparently Ms. Ehlen didn't grasp that my "screed" was not about "the country", but about Wisconsin's Republicon state budget and had nothing whatsoever to do with abortion, birth control, sex education, pornography promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases or narcissism. I guess somebody is very groin oriented. And yes, I do feel better, it's good to be elite and awesome to be a liberal! Not to mention a person who can use critical thinking and compose a rational "screed" based on actual facts and reasoned argument. Furthermore, if you don't like that I'm a liberal you can go @$#% yourself, because of course what you do in the privacy of your own home is no business of mine.

Home schooling  happened because of failing public schools? That is a claim that KE cannot back up with any factual argument whatsoever, it's only what she's been told to faithfully believe. But then factual arguments are not in the Cult of Con's wheel house. It's a faith based political belief system. Wisconsin's public schools are among the best in the nation and therefore, the world ! And under Gubnah Smug Walker now we all have to pay for both the public schools, the profiteer's vulture schools and even the private religimous schools, so wrong again KE.

More people on welfare and food stamps? I guess KE isn't aware of Bushyboy's Great Republicon Recession and all the unemployed people and their children. Funny isn't it, that KE is all anti-choice and concerned about social security, but objects to providing food, shelter and clothing to actual humans being. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

Oh and by the way, I've seen this non-sense argument about social security before. Guess what, those who pay IN to social security also COLLECT the benefits they've earned! It's not a one way street. Anyway, it's the Republicons like Pall Ryand who are trying to kill the greatest anti-poverty program in American history.

And she thinks "Obama has taken over this country without firing a shot". Paranoid much? Ever hear of an "election"? SHEESH!

Oh, and comparing Republicons to Mussolini is an apt comparison because they both represent corporatists. But if you think you can make the case for comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, then by all means have at it. In fact, I can't wait for another entertaining example of this type of "thinking". Freedumb!


citizen on kane said...

 Furthermore, if you don't like that I'm a liberal you can go @$#% yourself, because of course what you do in the privacy of your own home is no business of mine.


Lika Saliscente said...

Home schooling isn't because the public schools are failing. It's a viable choice for those of us who may have a child that may not fit into the norms of public schools.

Furthermore, Republicons are not pro-life. They are pro-birth, and anti-life, because they don't care if you're too poor to eat after you're born. If your baby dies because you're poor, you get arrested, and figure you're supposed to sell your kids to other people instead.

kay said...

"Pornographic sex-ed is being forced down the throats of little children who are not interested in sex and just want to be kids."
I think the wording here and the emphasis put on force shows that this woman has some very deep seated issues that she should address before taking issues like this to the public domain. She seems to be in a world where there is no cable television programs that younger kids to manage to see without their parents' permission and often without those parents knowledge, so it is best to make sure kids don't get a romanticized - Hollywood version of young love instead of the harsh reality of sex before you're competent to deal with the results of those actions. She must be one of those firm believers in 'just don't talk about it and it will go away" system of problem solving.

kay said...

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