Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wrong Way Walker - Starving the UW Beast

What more evidence does one need that so called "conservatives" are tearing down the democratic institutions that our forebearers lovingly built for us Americans?

Money god Worshippers of the "all knowing' free-market are assaulting the walls of the temples of knowledge that led to America's ascendancy in the 20th century, in an attempt to sweep away knowledge and bend all will to the service of their idols, power and the almighty dollar.

Wrong Way Walker's assualt on our universities and the Wisconsin Idea wasn't his notion. It rose from his Koch Ho toolishness, reigned down on him from on high by his ideological masters, like dollars from heaven, by those who would starve us all of thought and "bless" us with their "truths".

Yeah "truths": Free Markets, Fairies and Frog Princes. @$$ouls!

Yours Truly,

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