Friday, April 08, 2016

No No, the Koch Ho has no Mojo

I'm a like Packer, pay no attention to WWWeasel behind the Curtain!
After Tuesday's spring election Wrong Way Walker went on GOPropaganda radio WTMJ, claimed to have his mojo back, compared himself to Packers QBs Rodgers and Favre, and said Trump's comments about the Badgered State were like coming into Lambeau and taking a whack at the legendary QBs. WWWRONG! Tons of Wisconsinites would give their left arm to take a whack at WWWalker!

WWWalker has a lot nerve to falsely compare himself to the Packers or anyone on the ther People's Team. The Packers are the one thing left that still unites the Badgered State after the errant reign of the Great Divider. Remember, it was the day after the Pack won the Superbowl that Scooter told his minions that he was going to "drop the bomb" on us all. Act 10 followed shortly, rudely ended the celebration and gashed a giant schism through our collectively cheesy soul.

Furthermore, the Packers are successful and their quarterbacks are strong leaders, men of goodwill and well loved by all for perennially being at the top of their league. Whereas WWWalker is only liked by the enraptured Republicon base. He's not a leader but an ill-willed scapegoating divider and his rule has left the dairyland sucking hind teat by most measures when it comes to midwestern states and the nation as a whole.

I was actually in an elevator with the Gubnah at Lambeau Field last fall. He was headed to his corporatist sponsored sky box, we to our seats with the people, where he dares not tread! A Packer's safe to do a Lambeau Leap, but Scotty would get torn to shreds.

And finally the People's Team, owned by the folks (not a plutocrat's squad) are a Triumph of Socialistic Capitalism, while WWWalker's Wiscossippi is model failure of corporate rule in our fading republic.

Gubnah Walker, I'm not from here anymore, but I still love the Pack. You on the other hand, can just DROP DEAD! @$$oul.

Yours Truly,

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