Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wisconsin Manufaturer's & Commerce Court, Inc.

The conversion to the Wisconsin Extreme Manufacturer's & Commerce Court (WEMCC) is now nearly complete. I've now lost all confidence in the rationality, independent thinking ability and goodwill of voters in the Badgered state. With the election of the unqualified, injudicious, insincere, in-the pocket and down-right nasty person, Becky Bradley to what was once one of the most respected state supreme courts in the country, it has now become nothing but a political hacktivist joke and wholly owned subsidiary of the state chamber of commerce. It's bad enough that we've got Prosser the Strangler and the ethically bereft Gableman & Zeigler and the political usurper Roggensach, now we've got Wrong Way Walker's hand puppet on the bench and he's in up to his elbow. Honestly, I think the two remaining reasonable, unpurchased Justices should just resign and remove any inkling of the presumption that blind, impartial and non-political decisions will be forthcoming from WMC's priestly-robed shills! We are witnessing the rapid and rabid destruction of the institutions of our democracy that our forebearers handed down to us in what was once proudly one of the best states in the whole country, but is now sucking hind tit. Me? I may have to live in this shitty state. But I'm not from here anymore.

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