Friday, August 07, 2015

Daffy Republicon Voters

Daffy Ducks. Consequences schmonsequences, as long as they cut my taxes. Down Down Back Back MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, there is zero doubt among thinking people that George W. Bush was THE Worst president in American history. And on issues from middle-east policy to healthcare to social security, the Republicon candidates were sound very much like Bushyboy. That excludes John Kasich, that rational Republicon Rarity, thanks to the endangered species act.

What could possibly compel Americans to consider voting for people that would send their children to die in vain on foreign sands, jack the deficit sky high, deny your healthcare, destroy your retirement, corrupt what little is left of your democracy and force your wife, the mother of your children die in favor of fetus. Conswequences Schmonsequences!

The answer? Greed, egoand fear. The propect of saving a dollar on your property taxes here in the Badgered State, thanks to Wrong Way Walker (who did nothing but rapidly rattle off canned talking points in last night GOPster debate) and the vain notion there they're self made men that supposedly don't need gubmint, because they were born white, male and middle class and dispite all odds, rose to become white, male and middle class. Then of course you have to be afraid, be very afraid! Hug your gun, worry about brown people and Dafetly Duck'n Cover. Rubes!

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