Wednesday, April 08, 2015

OneWeVoBeeGone OneWeVoBeeBack!

A year ago the BAP Blog pulled the curtains back on the local Tea Party and their school board candidates and asked the question; "Do you want your local community’s schools to be used as a practice squad to raise up a “farm team” of extremist politicians marching to advance a nutty hidden political agenda that is national in scope, plutocratic in nature and fundamentally anti-public education?"

For the second year in a row the answer has been a resounding "NO!"

Congratulations Burlington, there are no more WeVoBees on the Board!

We WILL miss the entertainment value though.

CORRECTION: On election night, the news media neglected to include BASD Board vote counts from Walworth County when declaring Bird and Schmaling the winners. That's what you get when you "Trust" TMJ4. However, after those votes were included and canvassed, Ketterhagen prevailed by about 15 votes over Schmaling who then conceeded. But don't feel like you got hit in forehead by a 2x4, EMBRACE THE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE!

Roger Koldeway's (the other TP on the the board) last minute write-in campaign attempt failed, however after his initial decision not to run again. But he was never anywhere near as entertaining as Phil.

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