Monday, November 24, 2014

Ketterhagen's Konspiracy!

Phillip Ketterhagen  -  Stark Raving Mad

Can we please get this kook off the Burlington School Board!? Replace him with another conservative even, just as long as it's a rational human being and not a Whacky conspiracy theorist. If I was a local conservative, this Klown would embarrass bejeezzes outta me!

On page four of the November 20, 2014 edition of the Standard Press is an article headlined "Board member fears proposed course propagates UN agenda. I needn't have read the article to know which board member.

In question was the proposed edition of an advanced placement (AP) class in Human Geography at Burlington High School. Board member Phil Ketterhagen stated that the class could be "programming" future generations and that the proposed curriculum and samples align with the United Nations Agenda 21. Ketterhagen stated that Agenda 21 is a talking point for conservativve leaders such as Glenn Beck. GLENN BECK!? Yes, Glenn Beck who is a Serial Conspiratorialist and is too ridiculously Batshit Crazy even for FuxSnooze!

According to the Standard Press article, Ketterhagen brought printed materials to the meeting from a rightwing conspiracy theory group called Freedom Advocates that said that Agenda 21 is nothing more than the forwarding of a political agenda by the UN to strip Merica of it's sovereignty and Mericans of their property rights.

In fact to those of us who remain unfoiled, Agenda 21 is a volunary, non-binding action plan for sustainable development that arose from a 1992 conference on Environment and Development in Rio De Janeiro and signed by President George H.W. Bush.

My GOD what could be worse than Sustainable Development on an increasingly crowded, hungry, warming, polluted and degrading planet!? Mmmmm probably unsustainable development! And studying Human Geography in our schools of all places. Don't they know that the only humans that matter live right here in the good ole USA? It's those damn commie teachers again. Where's Phil's 2x4 when he needs it? Probably spirited away by the UN's black helicopters to protect their educational agents from Phil's righteous wrath!

But could Phil be right? Could the conspiracy be deeper even than he suspects? For I have it from a very reliable source that right here in our own backyard, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside insideously included Human Geography in their curiculum before 1992, way back in the early 1980's. What source you ask? Me, I took the class as an elective as part of my major in geography. But then, Tea-Totaller Phil probably already thinks that I'm a communist anyway. So why feed his paranoia, BOO!

But can we really blame Phil for being nuts? It does seem to run in the family, I think he gets it from his wife, Bonnie:

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