Tuesday, April 01, 2014

BASD - Five Blows in a Row for Rational, Local Control!


Vote Totals:
Todd Terry 1,983
Rosanne Hahn 1,751
William Cambpell 1,677
Bob Lemken 1,003
Jim Berndt 964
Catherine Thielen 327
PS. I was kind of pulling for Jim Berndt. He told folks at the forum sponsored by the Standard Press that his Daughter had just graduated from an out of state college with a teaching degree. But when he asked her if she was coming home, she said that Wisconsin is no longer a good place to be a teacher. Obviously he raised an intelligent daughter who gets what's going on in the Badgered State!

I was however somewhat put off by the pairing of his signs with Lemken's, one of the WeVoBee candidates. But not as put off as I was but the pairing of Lemken's signs with the "I Stand with @$$#*!% Walker" signs, YIKES!
The other WeVoBee, Thielen dropped out. Pitty. Based on her letters to the editor, hearing her debate would have been worth twice the price of admission!

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