Monday, October 13, 2008

Parade Magazine: Obama vs. McCain

I was very surprised to open my Sunday paper yesterday to discover Parade Magazine (not known for their political coverage - or left-wing leanings) with a chart detailing the differences in Obama & McCain's economic/tax plans.

Here's a link. Or, if that doesn't work in your browser, you can use the full URL below.

Their analysis shows that if you earn less than $112,000 per year, you'll do better with Obama in every case. At lower levels of income, substantially better.

And even up to $250,000 dollars, you'll have tax savings with Obama (though after 112k you'll get a bigger tax break with McCain).

Those of us who've been paying attention knew that Obama would save money for anyone earning less than $250,000. We also knew McCain's plan would give bigger tax breaks to those already well off.

What surprised me is the amount of "extra" money you'd have to pay under Obama if you earn between $250,000 and $600,000. (And I daresay that most of us earn less than 600k). According to the article, the extra tax you'd have to pay if you earn in that range is . . . a whopping total of $121. No misprint (unless it's on the magazine's side), that's one-hundred and twenty-one dollars per year.

Seems like a small sacrifice to make for most of the US population.

(Heck, even strapped as I am, I'd be happy to pitch in $121 a year to ensure universal health care.)

Of course, if you're making more than $600,000, under Obama you'd have to give up your W. Bush Tax cut. (And McCain would give you a big tax break -- whether you need it or not.)

I'll be carrying a copy of this article with me whenever I canvass or talk to other voters. I'm urging everyone in the campaign and BAP and all of my friends & family to do the same.

Spread the word. Let's get this to go viral.

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