Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plumber is a Fraud!

- JtheP does not have a plumbing license so he's not qualified to run the business.
- JtheP is a registered Republican, so his showing up at the Obama rally with "sincere" questions was just a sham.
- The plumbing business JtheP wants to buy only makes about $100K/year, well below Obama's $250K threashold. So under Obama he'd do BETTER if he bought it.
- He only made $40 last year (he better get that plumbing license) so the chances are that this cracker ain't buying a crackerjack stand, let alone a plumbing business.
- The business JtheP says he wants to buy is not for sale.
- Just another dishonest GOPster ploy. Cuz honesty just doesn't work for dishonest people with dishonest plans.
- How stupid can you get. You go on national TV with a contrived GOPoperative story that doesn't stand up for even 24 hours. I wonder how many interviews he'll be agreeing to do today. What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. JtheP is a liar.
- And the McCain campaign is hanging their hat on this guy. they found their "Jeff Gannon". What a surprise, more aimless thrashing about by the McCain't campaign.
- JtheP has a lien on his house because he hasn't paid his property taxes. Why SHOULD he pay his fair share, he's a GOPster!
- JT Plumber Patently pathetic.