Wednesday, October 08, 2008

GOPster Samantha Kerkman’s supporters have now demonstrated beyond doubt what scumbag traitors to America and her democracy that they are!
This is that same deceitful GOPgarbage that we go through EVERY election with the stealing and destroying of signs that represent the free speech rights of people that they disagree with and are afraid of.
How did I miss that this morning on my way to work this morning? I guess I was looking left at the Zamba = Socialism Bulls**t attack signs.
This shows them for what they are!, small minded, fearful, violent and criminal!
From Larry Zamba: Last night Kerkman supporter(s) intentionally drove a vehicle 100 feet through a farmers field and smashed through our ZAMBA=HEALTHCARE billboard on Hwy 75 and 142. Rather than compete in the arena of ideas, my opponents supporters have chosen not only to steal our signs, but violently destroy private property.
I invite you to watch WTMJ tonight at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to see an inerview with me. If you miss it, we’ll have it up on soon. I’ve tried to run a fun, informative, unique campaign. I was warned how this campaign would go on the west side of Kenosha. Somehow, I thought it would be different this year. I should have known. Kerkman’s afraid to debate me. And because her record has been so lacklauster after 8 years, I guess this is all her supporters have left. Drive trucks through our signs. Apparently these people think they are above the law. They violate our First Amendment rights. And they set a terrible example for our children. As fast as we put up signs, they steal them. One fellow likened their tactics to the brown shirts of Hitlers day.
They must be very afraid of losing this election. And they should be. In fact, canvasing numbers give us a 4000 person lead. But we need to win over those independents to make sure that victory is ours. We’re shifting gears into a different form of advertising now, and that requires money.
Will you please help by donating? This has been elevated by them to a state of violence now. I’m willing to fight them, but I need your financial help now.Please, go to and click on DONATE or mail a check to 24503-75 Street, Salem, WI 53168, made payable to Friends of Larry Zamba.
Thank you!

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