Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain'ts Healthcare Plan

McCain'ts Healthcare Plan? Why it couldn't be more simple, marry and heiress and run for Congress. You see in today's treacherous healthcare environment it pays to have a backup plan (like John's), in case you get say, melanoma (like John) and become uninsurable in the private market place.

Be prepared. You never know when an extremist freemarket fundamentalist politician might come along with a scheme (like John's) to offer a $5000 tax credit to purchase a $12,000 family healthcare plan as an individual on the open market rather than as a member of a risk sharing pool.

But if you're a member of Congress (like John), no sweat you're covered. And if that should fail, no problem, you've married an heiress, you're independently wealthy (like John) and can pay your own bills, you're golden!

Now some of you will say; "I don't need to take personnal responsibility and marry an heiress or become a Congressman, this is America no one goes without healthcare! Simply go to the emergency room." But just try getting treatment for melanoma (like John's) in an emergency room and see how fast they laugh you out of the automatic sliding doors.

Without the health plan plan or the cash to get treatment for melanoma (like John's) chances are you'd be dead real fast. So take a tip from John and plan ahead. Because if it's good enough for John it's good enough for you!?