Monday, March 14, 2016

What if Someone Did this to You?

What would you say if someone did this to a company you owned or worked at?

Suppose a powerful company that your company provides goods or services to comes to you and says "we're not prepared to pay the prices you've been charging anymore. We're going to pay you $X,XXX.xx per unit." You look at their figure and reply "that's below my cost of production. The cost of the building that houses my operations, the energy required to keeps things going, the transportation costs, the necessary materials all add up to more than that, how am I supposed to do that?"

Them: "We don't care, that's what we're willing to pay, make up the difference from your other customers."

You: "That's unfair and unsustainable!

Them: "If you don't like it we'll get somebody else."

Wouldn't you be outraged? Yes! Who would consider that to be an ethical business practice? Nobody! If people of goodwill heard about a business operating that way, wouldn't they be aghast and upset? Of course!

So why is it O.K. in America for Deadbeat Companies to do that to real people by not paying a living wage and/or denying full time work so that healthcare and other benefits can be withheld and then forcing taxpayers to pickup the tab because the situation for these workers and their families is unsustainable?

It's not O.K. And if this is what constitutes "Family Values" in America, we're in deep trouble both morally and economically and it's going to get much deeper.

And this is another subject all together, but another thing that is totally outrageous is that some of these big corporations take the "profits" that they earn in this way off shore so they don't have to pay taxes in America for work that was done in America. Then they come back later and buy treasury bills, because it's the safest investment in the world, and that means that poor saps like us, who Don't get the write the tax code are paying them interest on their tax free "investment". @$$ouls!

This oligarchy is so @$#%ed up in so many ways!

Your's Truly,

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