Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Abby Normal for President!

Republicons who are upset by Trump, but have been listening to AM Hate Radio, mainlining the FuxSnooze cable or, more recently, playing the Gandabyte Click'n-Share Facefook game have no one but themselves and their cynical propaganda promoting party leaders to blame. The Trumpenstein Monster with its Abby Normal brain is only saying out loud on the presidential campaign trail before the nation and the world what has been insinuated between the lines by the GOPropagandists for more than two decades now, ever since Rush "El Snortbo" Limbaugh and the cacophony of his copy-cat cohort have been polluting the public airwaves. And THAT is what's pissing off the Republicon Establishment about the monster of their own creation. It's not his racism or his mysogynistic disrespect for women that has them upset. It's not the painting of muslims as evil America haters who need to be banned and put on a black list, his ludicrous threat to round up 11 million people in the middle of the night and deport them, his support for torture or his saber rattling. It's certainly not his blatantly bigoted Obama Birther BS that bothers them, they were quietly bolstered by that. It's that he expresses all of these horrible values right out loud instead of using the GOPster approved dog-whistle code language to encourage the very same values without coming right out and saying it, which would thankfully be considered impolite in the America of today. GOPocrites! Any good American should know that propaganda has no place in our democracy. That kind of garbage is for fascist and communist totalitarian regimes, not decent republics. But the Republicon establishment has whole-heartedly embraced the use of propaganda and has been using it's manipulative powers to dumb down and whip up their base for years and the chickens with their heads off are coming home to roost! They have mettled with the primal forces of demogoguery and they will Atone! Now this definitely falls into the be careful what you wish for catagory. But I'm rooting for the Trumpenstein Monster to win the GOP nomination and then, in a mindless rage, in keeping with his partuclar idium, turn and strangle his would-be masters, today's repugnant republicon party. Maybe something decent will once again rise from it's ashes. As for those Republicons who are not upset, but rather in authoritarian awe of the towering Trumpenstein and his 4th grade level blowhard cult of personality, for now all I can do is shake my head in dismayed amusement at these people who are supposed to be my fellow Americans, have every right to be angry, but no real clue about why and at who.

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