Thursday, March 17, 2016

Go "CLICK" Yourself!

So it's no longer just an inference, Berning "Liberals" are now LITERALLY sharing GOPster talking points about Dems. What's next, accusations of SOSHULIST from the the Hillarites!? Unfortunately, recent experience tells me Yes. Serously people? Dennis Miller? Couldn't you at least find someone who is a comedian who could make your point with a scrap of satire and a hint of humor? This guy hasn't said anything remotely funny since it was written on a cue card for him to read in gthe last millenium! This clown (oops wrong word, clowns can be funny) is only still somebody because the Republicons think they have a comic on their side. As ussual, they're half right, he IS on their side. So are you really going to tool yourself out to carry his GOPollution for him through the Facefook Click-n-Share mode of prefab Gandabyte dissemination, passing his his sorry @$$oul shtuff around the interwebs? What do you suppose his goal is? Stay home, don't vote. Or perhaps, Trump or Cruz, come on in the koolaid's fine! If you're going to be a tool for spreading GOPropaganda, at least make it fun. Go find a GOPundit spreading the GOPsel with creativity, cleverness and humor! . . . Oh . . . right . . . there isn't one. So I have this to "Share". Put your thumb out, put your finger to your temple and go . . . "CLICK" yourself!

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