Thursday, July 05, 2012

Slitherin on the 4th!

Robin of Vos, Barren of Ethics, Traitor to Democracy, Rascal, Scoundrel and Vassal to the Corporate Lords at the feudal American Legislative Exchange Council (fALEC) marched in the Waterford Independence Day Parade yesterday in his Tea Party yellow t-shirt waving from the centerline and engaging no one directly, sending his minions out to do that unpleasant task. Jordan Debbink of the WeVoBee TPz tried to hand me a glossy Vossy football schedule before realizing who I was.

I wonder if young Robin, in marching to serve his corprate masters is even vaguely aware that the Boston Tea Party that lead up to our revolution was an anti-corporate event protesting the predatory practices of the British East India Company, probably the largest global corpration of it's time.

I am always amazed at the ability of  fALEC GOPsters like Vos to shamelessly parade themselves before the public like they are full of light and sunshine while pushing hidden agendas from far beyond Wisconsin and stonewalling the citizens here at home on their right to know what their "representatives" are doing on "their behalf". See here: And here: I know I couldn't do it, but then I am not only capable of feeling shame, but also of expressing shame when it's appropriate unlike certain reptilians.

Speaking of reptiles and tea swilling delusions, Dave Craig who is supposed to represent the citizens of Wisconsin's 83rd Assembly District marched with a coiled snake flag draped on his vehicle, pronouncing his love of striking vipers and fang injected venom for all to see. Yup it's true, when I think Republicon I do think Snake-in-the-Grass. Can't help it Republicon = Snake. Only the grass the snakes are writhing in is Astroturf funded by Kochish oligarchs through their democracy thwarting nest of vipers, Americans For Plutocracy (AFP). Just plain disgusting!

The Waterford Parade is a good chance to see old friends who live along the parade route and an excuse to start drinking bloody marys at 10am, but it's little more than trucks-n-tractors these days. But hey, at least there weren't any confederate flags this year. Still, I think I need to get into Racine next year where there's less stench of tea, fewer Snakes-in-the Grass and no Vos-Barren of Ethics and see a real 4th of July celebration parade for a change. I miss those. I want to see a real marching band and, if at all possible, playing Stars and Stripes Forever!

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