Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Truth About the Affordable Care Act

In the wake of the recent (somewhat surprising) Supreme Court Decision, I thought it'd be useful if we all had some good information to counter the inevitable right-wing push back concerning The Affordable Care Act (sometimes derisively called "Obamacare").

Happily, the White House has a really good blog containing information about the program -- information that, frankly, the news media has tended to ignore (or outright lie about).  Because of the media's focus on fueling controversy to boost ratings, much of the public remains ignorant about the actual program.

But you can click this sentence and go directly to the source.

Arm yourself with The Truth and push back against the tide of right-wing scare tactics and lies!

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Sean Cranley said...

I am thankful that my two 20-something daughters can now remain on our family health insurance and therefore they still have access to healthcare.

Tahnk you President Obama!