Thursday, July 26, 2012

TPz See Obamacare as Vast Chip Dip Conspiracy!

The Tea Swilling Wingnut Whachidoodles on the extreme right are all a flutter with wild conspiracy theories from the completely implausible perennial vast left-wing vote fraud conspiracies run by undetectible supergeniouses, to the UN wants to take you guns, to climate change is a global conspiracy to grab future control and profits, but the denial industry has nothing to do with existing control and profits by the fossil profiteers. But this one may JUST have some merit. Obamacare has a secret plan to insert an RFID chip into every American!

Some would say the panel required by the Affordable Care Act to approve medial devices is designed to make sure that costs are not incurred for prosthetics and other devices that don't work or are medically unnecessary. But not our brethren in the TP! It's secret plan by big brother "the Emperor" to watch your every move!

But don't let me sway you. You can read about this scary, diabolical plan by the dark man in the Oval Office yourself, right here:


Sean Cranley said...
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Sean Cranley said...

Well I just got banned from the "Real Debate" blog for my BAP post above. Fred Drooley cited "certain standards of civility." Of course if one reads the venomous things they say and the names they call anyone over there who doesn't adhere to their Cult of Con dogma and wacky conspiracy theories it's obvious that "civility" has nothing to do with it. It's all about protecting their ideological bubble from those annoying pin pricks of truth.