Thursday, June 14, 2012

Standard Press: Large Crowds for and Against, REALLY!?

The Thursday June 7, 2012 edition of the Burlington Standard Press had this to say about the Burlington Area Progressives June 2nd event: "MSNBC's Ed Schultz, Burlington native Tom Gilding and columnist John Nichols were all part of the rally at Echo Park, which drew large crowds - both for and against."

Hmmm, large? Both sides? Really?

The Racine Journal Times estimated our supporters at around 350 people. I hardly noticed the counter-protesters that day, perhaps because there was only about a dozen of them. The photos in the paper were just as misleading as the excerpt above, a large one above the article showing four counter-protesters in the Vet's Terrace parking lot, the other a small photo below the article, showing only the bandstand with three of us BAPsters in the picture. I don't know if the piece was intentionally or simply carelessly misleading, but the pictures above are better representation of reality.

The good news is we took measures to make sure we didn't disrupt the outdoor wedding ceremony at Veteran's Terrace and were successful in that regard.

Jordan Debbink of the local TP group WeVote said that another group member organized the counter protest when she found out the rally would be held Saturday. Gee I wonder how she that found out? Could it have been the ads we ran in the Hi-Liter and all the Southern Lakes Newspapers broadsheets? Maybe it was the posters we had up for weeks at Reinemann's and the local grocery stores. It might even have been the listing of the event in the Out and About sections of the Standard Press, Waterford Post, Westine Report, Westosha Report, East Troy Times and Elkhorn Independent. Or it could even have been discovered on this very blog which is viewable by anyone with access to a computer. Whatever it was, kudo's to her on the sleuthing, she must be an investigative genius!

It is interesting to know however, that they will send a raggle-taggle band of protesters to any event we hold, even when they don't know what information is being presented. For example, when we showed Koch Brothers Exposed at the Plaza Theater last fall, they couldn't have known what was in the movie as it had just been released. But they protested anyway. After all, what good Cult of Con member needs knowledge and information to act anyway?

The Koch Bros are Republicons so they's gots to be good right? Nevermind that these plutocrats are writing laws in secret to rule us all from far far away. We'ins is fur freedumb, FREEDUMB!


Nemo said...

Doesn't surprise that progressives draw much larger group of malcontents, after all, misery loves company. Heh.

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