Monday, August 29, 2011

GOPster Voter Suppression Promise from Sen Von Zipperer Hollow & Compassionless

So Sen. Von Zipperer (R-Peewaukee), right before pointing to his forehead and freezing his little FALEC brain said; “Any constituent, or anybody in the state…if there’s an individual with a legal right to vote, have them contact me or my office and I will make sure they get properly registered and have an ID,”. “If you know any individual, bring them to my attention. Even if they don’t live in the 33rd Senate District, I’ll get them to the office of their senator.”

So did, I called and I spoke with one of Von Zipperer's staff members and explained my Grandparent's situation and disenfranchisement.

He took their information and said he would pass it along to Senator Amway, I mean Wanggard. I asked him what Senator Wanggard would do. He said he would put them in touch with the local DMV. I reminded him that going to the DMV IS the problem and that putting them in touch with the DMV, was hardly necessary as they're in the phone book.

I asked if they are they going to need to go to the DMV and he said yes. I asked how that was going resolve the problem and he said he didn't know.

I asked if transportation would be provided and he said he didn't know. I said, well in this case transporation isn't an issue waiting at the DMV is, but what about other people who didn't have transportation, how would they be helped? He said he didn't know.

I said that some people who are in wheel chairs or have other disabilities need specialized transportation, would the senators be making arrangements and paying for that? He said he didn't know.

Empty words, hollow promises and no thought, planning, compassion or consideration given to the problem.

I love the comment made to Von Zipperer by one of his constituents: Resident Emil Glodoski hammered Zipperer for his support of the bill, saying it’s racist and is aimed at suppressing votes. He told the senator the number of people who have actually been caught in the state perpetrating vote fraud wouldn’t even “fill a basketball roster,” yet the number of people who will have their votes suppressed would “fill the Bradley Center two or three times.”

“That’s voter suppression and it moves us into 'Wississippi,'” he said. “(T)his is the first time we’re eliminating voters rights and it’s just racist.”

Right on Emil!

By the way, I've turned this little tidbit over to Disability Rights Wisconsin and they said they would get the word out to the disability community to contact his office. You bet they will!


Sean Cranley said...

By the way, much MUCH thanks to Nemo over at FR bringing this to my attention! Von Zipperer's office phone number is (608) 266-9174!

Nemo said...

sean, I just got my drivers license renewed and did not have to wait in any lines. The DMV on Mill road in north Milwaukee gives you a number when you enter. You sit until the number is called and you get your picture taken, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

And now, a Nemo "thanks for the credit" bonus! Remember back to the last Wisconsin Supreme Court election? After it was over, it was either here or at the Siren's that I predicted one of the Libs would retire from the court soon. Ta-da.

Nemo, empowering voters and keeping you ahead of the curve.

Sean Cranley said...

My grandparents cannot sit and wait at the DMV. Nice try.

Nemo said...


Plan 1) One family member go to the DMV, get a number and an estimate on the wait. That person contacts another family member that transports the grandparent in time to make the appointment and minimize the queue time.

Plan 2) Call the DMV and find the time of day with the shortest wait. If that time meets with the necessary specifications, ta-da.

Conservatives, turning can't into can for both sides of the aisle.

Sean Cranley said...

Fuck off Nemo.

My Grandparents don't drive anymore so there is NO LEGITIMATE REASON at all for them to have to go to the DMV. NONE.

Why the hell should my grandparents or people like them have to go to the DMV at all? My grandparents have voted all their lives. They were business owners and good citizens in Racine for decades. They were Republicans, that is until Bu$hyboy came along, Eisenhower Republicans, reasonable, rational Republicans when there were still such things.

But now because the FALEC masters of the GOP have decided that they are going wage war on the ability of American citizens to legitimately vote, because they don't like the way they vote in a so called "democracy", now my Grandparents are supposed to run off to the fucking DMV to preserve a right they've excercized ALL THEIR LIVES? What kind of jerks would support such outrageous nonsense?

They should pay taxes to foot the $7 million bill for this measure that's disenfranchized them all in the name of fixing a problem that doesn't exist and was invented by the GOPsters for cynical reasons of pure political power in the new Jim Crow Wiscossippi?

And for these Bull$hit reasons my Grandparents should have to make a trip to the DMV, risk a fall, risk getting sick, sit and wait in discomfort just to keep what is already legitimately theirs? What a crock. Only a bunch real assholes would impose this outrage on citizens.

Remember, The Republicons are A$holes, it's just that simple.

Oh and btw, fuck off Nemo.

Nemo said...

I see. You don't want solutions, you just want to whine. Got it.

Sean Cranley said...

I don't need solutions to problems that are caused by solutions to other probelms that didn't exist in the first place, fuck you very much.

Sean Cranley said...

I have since been contacted by a staff member for Sen. Wangaard. I explained my Grandparent’s situation to her. She said she would check on any exemptions to the law and has promised to get back to me. She said she thought there was an exemption for people who live in nursing homes. I asked her why that would be and she said because the staff at nursing homes know who their residents are. I asked how the staff would know that people under their care are U.S. citizens and otherwise eligible to vote. She said she didn’t know.

It’s now been over a week and I’ve not heard back from her.

I’ve forwarded this information to Disability Rights Wisconsin and they are looking in to it and alerting their members.

I find it appalling that I have to try to find solutions to a problem that was caused by another solution to a problem that didn’t exist in the first place, all for the cynical power grab that IS today’s Republicon Party.