Monday, August 22, 2011

While we're at it Let's Recall the Wingnut Judicial Hacktivitists on the WI Extreme Court

Judicial Hacktivist Michael Gabbleman was elected under a cloud of lying and ethical violations, which he was found guilt of in a court of law, but which his fellow nutbags on Wisconsin's Extreme Court let him get away with in a 3/3 tie. I know state FALEC Chairman Robbin Vos must be in agreement on thsi one as meets his proposed revised criteria for grounds for recall, right?

Now some are calling for his recall along with Gubnah Snott Wanker:

I agree, let's get this injudicious shithead off the bench. Gathering signitures for his recall while already collecting them for Wanker's recall is a miniscule additional effort.

But why stop there? Annette Ziegler is another extremist ideologue who doesn't have the ethics to know that she should recuse herself when her husband's business come before her in court. Let's purge her ass too while we're at it.

Then perhaps in a year we can get rid of Prosser, Extreme Court Strangler.

Remember 150,000 motivated protesters at the Capitol in March need only 3 signatures on the petitions, plus their own for 600,000 names, more than enough!

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