Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gubnah Wanker WILL be Recalled, then Forgotten

In Ohio Gubnah Kasich forced through un-American, anti-union, anti-right of assembly, anti-right to petition legislation from the Fascist American Legislative Exchange Council - FALEC that is almost identical to the FALEC legislation pased by Gubnah Wanker in Wisconsin. People in Ohio took to the street and flooded the capitol in protest like in Wisconsin, but the Gubnah didn't care about the people, he was more invested in serving his FALEC masters. For more information on FALEC, see this link:

With 11.5 million citizens, Ohio has roughly twice the population of Wisconsin. In response, the good people of Ohio easily gathered 1.3 million signatures to force a referendum to over turn the FALEC law, which is expected to to win by a two to one margin. Kasich has now come begging to the unions to negotiate, which he refused to do when the shoe was on the other foot and the unions where willing to talk. In resonse the unions have now told the FALEC member to fuck off.
In Wisconsin we need 500,000 signatures, less than half of what was needed in Ohio, to force a recall of the exposed FALEC member Snott the Wanker who is also now trying to pretend to play nice. Fuck off Wanker, you're going down along with your 60% dsisapproval rating. There's WAY more energy in Wisconsin to flush your a$$ than there is in Ohio to castrate the thier FALEC law and ensure it never takes effect.

It's bad enough to have FALEC legislation shoved down our throats for the gratification of the corporatists, Americans For Plutocracy (AFP) and the Wisconsin Club for Growths, but it is totally unacceptable to for Wisconsin to represented by an A$$hole. And Wanker is surely that.

If every one of the 150,000 people that showed up in Madison that glorious gets only 4 signatures that's enough, 5 and it's guaranteed, 10 and it's a breeze. Wanker, you're a dick and you're going DOWN!


Nemo said...

Wanna bet?

Sean Cranley said...

No I don't bet. That is the domain of fools. Besides I can't bet with someone who is afraid to show their identity.

Do you know what recalled means? It doesn't mean lose the election. It means having to face the election.

150,000 x 4 = 600,000

I can get 4 signature without walking out my front door and I'll get dozens when I do.

Wanker is an A$$hole, it's just that simple. He will be recalled. Then he try to ride to victory on the back of his 59% disapproval rating.