Friday, July 22, 2011

Fascist American Legislative Exchange Council - FALEC

Fascism has come to Wisconsin in the form of Scott Walker and his radical Republicon minions all of whom are members of the Fascist American Legislative Exchange Council - FALEC. A party of complete DICKs!

When Benito Mussolini founded Fascism in Italy, he replaced the representatives of the people in the parliament of the former republic with representatives of the largest corporations in the country to form a corporate dictatorship and proclaimed that "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power". By the time he got done screwing his country, the people cut off his parts, stuffed them in his mouth and and hung him upsidedown from a gas station roof by a meat hook where his body was stoned by the public. A fitting end for a tyrant.

What has come to light in Wiscossissippi is that the entire hidden (until now) agenda of the Fitzwalkerstanis is not that of the citizens of Wisconsin, but rather that of a secretive corporately run organization determined to take power away from ordinary people and enact laws favorable to the mega-global-corporations that pay for the crafting of FALEC legislation that it's Republicon members are sworn to push through in states across America. For an excellent discussion of how the entire Walker/Republicon agenda in Wisconsin (as well as MI, OH, IN, NJ, AZ, etc.) is FALECally derived and a list of Wisconsin's fascists check out this article from PR Watch:

For a broad based exposure of FALEC from the Center for Media and Democracy see:

Fascist Robin Vos is the FALEC Wisconsin Chairman and a DICK. But Wiscossissippistan also has a Corporate Co-chair whose identity is kept secret, who is no doubt also a DICK. This is NOT Democracy, This is NOT informed consent of the citizenry envisioned by our founders. This is a traitorous betrayal of the very notion of America! THIS IS FASCISM!

Democracy My A$$!

Yours Truly


PS: Below is a list of the FALEC fuckings of Wisconsin:
-Attacking Abortion & Women's Rights
-Tort Deform
-Telecom Reregulation
-Voter Supression
-Elimination of Public Campaign Financing
-Defunding Unions & Attacking Collective Bargaining
-Wage Supression & a Race to the Bottom
-School Privatization
-Corporate Welfare
-Pension Fund Priavatization
-Private Prisons
-Predatory Lending
-Road Builder Protection
-Insurance Industry Protection
-Racial Profiling & Immigrant Harrassment
-Concealed Carry
-Making it Harder to Raise Government Revenue

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