Monday, June 28, 2010

Freedom Muffins!

Sign the petition, The Declaration of Muff-Independence and be a part of the Muff Heard 'Round the World!

Are you outraged at the cataclysmic catastrophe that is unfolding, and will continue to unfold for years in the Gulf of Mexico? Are you disgusted by the long trail of wanton disregard for our lives, the lives of our wildlife, our livelihoods, and the very land, air and waters of our country that has lead directly to this calamitous disaster? Are you heart sick and tired of the outrageous greed and short-term thinking that is the root cause of this devastating tragedy and the other tragedies that have been foisted on our nation in recent times?

Well then show your outrage! Stick it to the slickers! Sign The Declaration of Muff-Independence so that we can deliver one million signatures to the Perps, our President and our Congress on July 4th, Independence Day 2010! Let them know loud and clear that we demand restoration, that this can NEVER be allowed to happen again, that This Will Not Stand, Dude! FREEDOM MUFFINS FOR ALL!

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