Thursday, June 03, 2010

Republicon Professed Beliefs are Lies

Republicons profess to share a set of core beliefs, the strictly orthodox adherence to which is increasingly insisted upon. But if one observes the actual practices of the GOPleadership it becomes more than obvious that these beliefs are a pack of lies, laying bare the GOPocrisy of the their real motivations and agenda as summarily demonstrated below.

Competition: Republicans say they believe in competition, but of course it’s a lie. Their mythical hero Ronald Reagan stopped the enforcement of Republican Teddy Roosevelt’s Anti-Trust laws. This has resulted in wave after wave of corporate mergers as companies have bought up their competition. You know what happens when you buy up the competition? It goes away. And we’re left with fewer and larger companies with a stranglehold on entire sectors of our economy leading collusion, price fixing and the stifling of competition.

Judicial Activism: Republicans love to spout against “judicial activism” and legislating from the bench. But the two most blatant and outrageous examples of judicial activism are the cases of Bush v Gore and Citizens United v FEC which were perpetrated by robed Republican hacks on the Supreme Court overturning decades on legislation in the later case and Constitutional law in the former.

Smaller Government: The government has grown bigger and more intrusive under every Republican Administration. The only parts of government that the GOPsters wish to shrink are those that seek to protect the rights and interests of workers, consumers and average citizens against the predations of their corporate sponsors and the fickle whims of the fantastically mythological free market.

Fiscal Responsibility: The notion that Republicans believe in fiscal responsibility is of course ludicrous on its face. The large deficits that our federal government has run up have been under Republican administrations and under so called conservative policies. Engaging in foreign misadventures for fun and private profit while borrowing the money and running up the public debt sure as hell isn’t responsible, fiscally or otherwise. It’s time banditry, stealing from tomorrow’s generations and paying off today’s cronies.

Local Control: Please! The Republican Party is one of the most top-down organizations around. Their core purpose is the preservation of power and control for those who have it. They insist on strict adherence ideological purity and the party line, not the purpose of the representatives to reflect the interests of their local constituents. If Republicans believed in local control they would insist that elections be decided locally and not based on the influence of money from shadowy sources from far away.

Jobs: Yeah right! Please refer to the item on Competition above. The reduced competition and waves of mergers have destroyed millions of jobs. The only jobs Republicans believe in are their own.

Immigration: The Republican leadership loves illegal immigration and it’s been unwritten federal policy since Ronald Reagan enacted it in the 1980’s. The Republicans have used illegal immigration to weaken unions to drive down labor costs, to undermine the security of workers in their jobs and livelihoods and to fulfill the demand for cheap labor of their corporate sponsors, increase their bottom line and transfer wealth from average Americans to corporate/political contributor class.

Redistribution of Wealth: Republicans scream about it, but they are only against the redistribution of wealth downward. Thirty years of Con policies have very effectively redistributed wealth to the top few percent of Americans by income.

Sovereignty: Republicans love to sing the praises of American sovereignty. That is until it stands in the way of trade or corporate profits. NAFTA, a great Con idea, gave away American sovereignty to a secret three judge panel that can, in secret proceedings overturn any American law if it is seen to restrain the current or even future profits of a foreign corporation. What the Republicans believe in is corporate sovereignty, plain and simple.

Family Values: Republican “family” values are groin centered. But they are against measures that seek to address the real needs of families that extend well beyond the region of the human groin. They oppose efforts to ensure that people filling low skill positions that are necessary for our economy make a family supporting wage and have healthcare for themselves and their children. They oppose affordable housing and public transportation that would allow workers to get to where the jobs are without having to maintain a reliable automobile. Republican family values means valuing one’s own family.

Life: Don’t even get me started!

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