Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Open Letter to the President

Dear Barack --
While you have done many admirable things in the first year of your presidency, you're getting cooked in the media and by the Republicans because your accomplishments are not direct enough -- and, therefore, can't be explained in brief messages (of just a few words).
You need to re-concentrate your efforts on the 4 things you were elected to do -- and you need to do them in a way that you can explain in a simple phrase. (Not, "We removed the insurance companyies' ability to discriminate on pre-existing conditions," but "We created Medicare for all.")
The four things you were elected to do are:
1) Create Jobs
2) Fix Health Care
3) Save the Environment
4) End the War

One of the reasons we lost a Senate seat in MA was the lack of easily explainable progress in any of these areas.
There is no one in the country that thinks you have done any of these four things. Further, there is no one that can explain any of your accomplishments in these areas in simple, direct terms.
If you can't explain it in simple, direct terms, the American people won't buy it or believe it.
You need to redouble your efforts to take simple, direct action. You need to be courageous.
Presidents are remembered for their leadership -- not for their ability to be bi-partisan or reach amiable compromises.
You were elected to lead (not to compromise).

It's time to lead and address these issues directly.
Yours Sincerely - Steve Sullivan