Thursday, January 28, 2010

Corporate Superpersonhood, Meet the Boss

New Pledge: I pledge allegiance to the corporations of the Transnational States of America,
and to the profits for which they stand, one nation, under Wall> Street, bought and paid for,
with liberty and justice for those who can afford it.
New Preamble: We the Corporations, in order to form a moreprofitable union, provide for the tort defense, promote the corporate welfareand secure the blessings of free-markets for our owners and our subsidiaries, doimpose and establish this Constitution on the United States of America.
If corprations are people then:
Why can't they be put in prison when they break the law?
Why can't they be given the death penalty when they murder people?
How come they're immortal?
How come they can be in multiple jurisdictions and even countries all at once?
Why didn't they go to my school so I could have a corporation as a friend?
Why can't they vote?Why don't they need a passport ot enter or leave the country?
Why aren't they counted in the Census? Isn't the census primarily about allocating representation to the PEOPLE? Am I missing something!?
How come they have different tax rates then say, oh I don't know, people?
If money is speech then:
Speech must be money,so how come they don't tax speech?
Why can't I put my speech in a CD and collect interest in my speech?
If I commit an infraction, how come I may have to forfeit my money, but not my speech?
Why can't I fold my speech up, keep it my wallet and get it out later when I need it?
Well at least we needn't fret about donating our hard earned money to candidates anymore. Why try to change the ocean with a dribble.I can't wait for a foreign corporation like Saudi Arabia's ARAMCO TO STARTPICKING THEiR REPRESENTATIVES IN OFFICES FROM DOG CATCHER TO PRESIDENT!

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