Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Letter to President Obama in the Wake of What Looks Like a Defeat in MA Senate

I just sent this note to the Whitehouse as I wait for the results in Massachusetts.

I think he needs to get more letters like this.


I do not know the outcome of tonight's vote in Massachusetts.  I do know that I sent money and just spent the past hour phoning from Wisconsin to turn out the vote in my old home state.  I hope Martha will win, but the news does not look hopeful.

I do think I know what went wrong - not specifically with her campaign, but overall: You, the President (whom I worked so hard for) have not done enough.  You have not gone far enough with healthcare -- abandoning the Public Option or Single Payer off the bat.  You have not gone far enough in creating jobs, nor in punishing Wall Street for their failures, both in tending our money to begin with and in investing the bailout money in America rather than in enriching themselves.

In short, you have not pushed hard enough or been progressive enough.  You have been Jimmy Carter when we need another FDR.  You have compromised when the country needs you to LEAD.

It's time to wake up and LEAD the country, before there is no country left to lead and none left to follow you.

Please, stand up.  Be President.

Your Supporter (and former office runner),

Steve Sullivan

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