Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gunman's Arrest Proves Gun Control Works!

As we've seen repeatedly, anybody with Ill-Will and a Trigger Finger is a potential threat for Mayhem in Merica using the Weapons of Mass Murder that are available legally at your local hardware store.

This would-be Gunman could have done all the damage he desired with the semi-automatic military assualt weapons that the Bloody NRA has flooded our country with for the fun and profit of their corporate sponsors. But thankfully he was too stupid to figure that out. Will we be lucky enough for the next mass murderer to be equally foolish?

The reason that the plan of the Ill-Willed Idiot arrested yesterday for plotting mass murder failed was because he tried to buy machine guns. Machine guns have been the subject of gun control in America since the 1930's. They are illegal to own without a very restrictive and hard to obtain federal permit. he broke the law when he attempted to buy them on the black market and without the requisite permit. And THAT is what got him arrested and off our streets, proving that reasonable Gun Control WORKS!

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