Friday, September 20, 2013

Bloody NRA - the Gift that Never Stops Giving!

Like echos from the death chamber, (13 dead) we see over and over the deadly results of the Bloody NRA's quest to make military weaponry legal in our homes, streets and work places.

The AR-15 battlefield rifle, there's one near you!

Bow your heads, let us spray.


Nemo said...

Your caption on the graph has some errors in the verbiage. Let's clear 'em up. First an AR-15 was NOT involved in the Washington DC shooting. From NBC news:

"Authorities said Alexis used a Remington shotgun to shoot a police officer and a security guard before taking one of their handguns and continuing on his rampage. Some earlier reports said an assault-style rifle, such as the AR-15 was used in the shooting but the FBI said it didn’t believe he did." (

Secondly (and sadly), isn't a Boeing 777 the "#1 tool of choice" of mass murderers?

Sean Cranley said...

The early information about the AR-15 (the Bloody NRA enabled weapon of mass murder) has turned out to be in error. Thank you Nemo for the correction.

Having practiced with an AR-15 only days before, a weapon far more mass murderous than a shotgun or a handgun, it is extremely fortunate that he chose not to use one or the Bloody NRA enabled mayhem would likely have been far worse.

We also very fortunate that none of the 13 people shot by the Bloody NRA enabled AR-15 WOMM in Chicago a week ago were killed, amiracle considering the firepower brought to bear on a public street in Merica.

Nemo said...

I disagree (Wow that's a surprise, eah?). The problem is not the weapons but the nuts and nihilists behind the triggers.

Sean Cranley said...

It's both, we've always had nuts, nihilists and fanatics of all stripes. And we probably always will. What we have not had is the ability to easily and legally obtain weapons with the fire power and high capacity, easily changed magazines of the AR-15.

If your argument, that it's not the weapons but the nuts is to stand up to scrutiny, then why not let the public have weapons/arms like machine guns, grenade launchers, bazookas and missiles? The absurdity of your argument is laid bare as even the Bloody NRA has determined that pursuit of the right to own fully automatic weapons/arms is too dangerous.

Unfortunately I believe it's likely that the worst is yet to come for this Bloody NRA enabled weapon of mass murder, that has no legitimate civilian use to justify the danger to public safety that it poses.

Guns don't kill people, gunmen kill people! Gunmen (crazy or otherwise) with highly concealable, high powered, high capacity AR-15s can kills scores of people in minutes, thanks to the Bloody NRA.

Nemo said...

Let's let your Reductio ad absurdum arguments go for now and look at the actual numbers (Reality alert! Gun banners, cover your eyes)

From FBI Data on violent crimes (2011)
There were 12,664 murdes in the US in 2011. Here's the breakdown on the weapons used:

Handguns – 6,220 (49.1% of murders)

All others (explosions, poison, strangulation, unstated firearms, etc.) – 2,847 (22.5% of murders)

Knives or cutting instruments – 1,694 (13.4% of murders)

Personal weapons (feet, hands) – 728 (5.8% of murders)

Blunt objects (hammers, clubs, etc.) – 496 (3.9% of murders)

Shotguns – 356 (2.8% of murders)

Rifles (including assault rifles) – 323 (2.6%)

By focusing your efforts on less than 2.6% of the problem you fail to attain any meaningful goal even before you start. Aiming your time and treasure on assuring the nuts and nihilists have their safety put to the on position will result in far fewer tragedies. This assumes, of course, that your intent is to actually prevent murders in the real world.

Sean Cranley said...

Nemo, thank you for agreeing with me, that it would be absurd to allow certain weapons on our streets due to their excessive destructive force in the hands of the wrong people. The right to keep and bear these arms is therefore infringed to protect public safety.

I believe that the type of arms that allowed the Virginia tech to spray 175 rounds in less than 5 minutes also constitute an unacceptable threat to public safety, have no legitimate civilian use and should be illegal or at least highly regulated, like machine guns are.

My goal is not to eliminate guns. Nor is my goal to prevent all murders. That would be nice, but unachievable. My hope is that we will allow fewer mass murders by individuals or groups, will/wishing to die equipped with easily and legally obtainable weapons of mass murder.

But the gun nuts and their arms profiteer minders in the Bloody NRA will no doubt continue to insist that happiness is a warm gun, bang bang, shoot shoot Merica!

Nemo said...

Great! I think you should try to get every Democratic candidate to shoot for your goals. I'm sure those pols that share and clearly state your views on gun banning will do well. It worked very well in the recent Colorado recalls, didn't it?