Friday, May 01, 2015

WWWalker's Morally Bankrupt Budget LTE

Wrong Way Walker's Morally Bankrupt Budget puts insurance profiteers before the Badgered State's seniors and disabled. The best discussion I've seen regarding this is the Wessel’s Elder Law March 17th entry: This shameless man wants to sell out our most vulnerable neighbors. It’s just one bad budget item of so very many!

I urge our legislators to start fresh, throw out this garbage budget. Budgets are moral documents reflecting the priorities and values of those who craft them. WWWalker's budget was crafted with one priority, WWWalker and his tilting at presidential windmills. It wasn’t crafted with Wisconsinites in mind or even the Republican “Representatives” who Walker handed the impossible task of defending this disaster at home while he flits around the country flip-flopping, hiding the complete failure of his economic policies and pretending he’s presidential. WWWalker wants to abandon Wisconsin, leaving us here to hold the bag.

WWWalker created his $2.2B deficit with tax breaks for the wealthy that naturally failed to spur the economy as advertised and now he's whacking Wisconsin's seniors, students, scientists, disabled, workers, parks, citizen boards, healthcare and environment, to fix the problem he intentionally created while borrowing billions to hand to the road builders.

WWWalker is putting Wisconsin's heritage and values on his chopping block because he's not a bold leader, he's the Great Divider, he's not a good governor, he's a bad butcher! WWWalker is a microcosm of every disease that afflicts our “republic”, cronyism, pay-to-play corruption, scapegoating, my way or the highway and fealty to moneyed rulers from far beyond our borders and the imposition of their self-interested laws.

And I don’t feel likeI’m from here anymore.

I believed we lived in a special state with a great heritage, forged by a people with vision and a shared sense of fair play and goodwill. Those illusions have been shattered in the last four years as I’ve realized that so many of my neighbors can't tell a "Rascal" from a hole in the ground. People of goodwill do not shove their radical agenda down their neighbor's throats. In the Wisconsin in which I grew up that would have been considered impolite. But there’s nothing civil about how WWWalker, his co-conspirators and sponsors have behaved or their divide & conquer tactics!

The very Wisconsin Idea has been attacked, intentionally, along with our UW System, our K12 schools and so many of the other shared attributes that made our state the cream of the Midwest. It’s a crying shame. WWWalker and his entire budget are “Drafting Errors”. This is NOT who we were or who we should be now. Throw it out!

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