Friday, May 22, 2015

Bunkerbuster Bomb (My President Talks with God)

The Evil Dickster, Lest We Forget
With a couple Republicons (Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio) stumbling recently to truthfully answer questions about the debacle in Iraqle and the Totally Cooked "Intel" that led to that American atrocity on ourselves and the people of the region, which was patently obvious at the time, especially after Colin Powell's ridiculous dog & pony show at the U.N., I thought it timely to update this original piece with captions to refresh our nostalgia for the wonderful reign of Bu$hyboy and the Dickster. Enjoy!

Bunker Buster bomb (My President Talks With God):
Back when we were being misled into the debacle in Iraq, the military started a program to build a mega bomb, which they called Divine Strake. It creeps me out that anyone could deem a bomb to be “divine” and thereby imagine they would wield the hand of God in ‘tamping” down their enemies. Around that time George W. Bush was asked if he had consulted his Father regarding the wisdom of toppling our erstwhile ally Saddam. And Bushyboy replied that no, he had consulted his higher Father, obviously implying that he has conferred with God. So I imagined what it might have been like if that reporter had pressed further on this father thing, discussing with Georgie Boy his conversation with God. I give you Bunker Buster Bomb (My President Talks With God). Swing it!

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