Monday, January 13, 2014

United Sportsmen for Koch

The scam sportsmen group, United Sportsmen that was fraudulently awarded a $500,000 grant of money belonging to the citizens of Wisconsin before publicity forced Gubnah Walker to rescind the graft, I mean gift, is now in trouble with the IRS over its false claim of tax exempt status. As such they have been forced to turn documents over to the Journal-Sentinel and guess where the trail leads. You know it, Americans for Plutocracy and the Koch Brothers!

Excerpt from the Journal-Sentinel:
As previously reported, the political group Citizens for a Strong America Inc. gave $235,000 to United Sportsmen in 2011. The newly released filings show that single donation made up United Sportsmen's entire revenue for that year. The group spent most, but not all, of that donation and finished the year with $39,044.
The bulk of the money spent, $118,400, went to Arena Communications of Salt Lake City, Utah, a firm that helps design and send out mailings to voters. Arena has high-profile GOP clients around the country, including Walker; U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, a Janesville Republican; the state GOP; and the committee representing Republican state senators.
United Sportsmen sent out a mailing in the 2011 state Senate recall elections. END

Hmmm Senate recall elections, what could be more outdoorsy!? Well it is fishy I suppose. So just who is Citizens for a Strong America?

Excerpt from the Center for Media and Democracy:
In a review of internet filings, the Center has learned that even though Citizens for a Strong America lists no staff on its website, its website name was purchased by John W. Connors of Milwaukee, who has been a leader of "Americans for Prosperity," a right-wing group chaired by oil billionaire David Koch. On the domain registration through "Go Daddy!," the holder of the web address listed is for Connors and the business address is listed as 1126 S 70th Street, Suite S420, in Milwaukee, along with a gmail address. (After this story broke, the contact information was changed from, along with the street address and his home number, to a proxy registration service. Despite the effort to destroy this history, the Center and other groups have screenshots of how Go Daddy! and other evidence in this story looked before the changes were made; these links were also noted in a TV news story for the local CNS affiliate before they were removed. The Center exercised editorial discretion to not post Connors' home telephone number associated with the domain registration as part of the initial story.)
This address is the same street address as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in Wisconsin. AFP is listed as holding offices on the second floor of that building. END
Well well, the Plutoctopus tentacles surface again. Its seems that in the Badgered State in these dark days, whenever the GOPsters, big money and the stench of rotting democracy come together, you can bet the Kochs are in the kitchen cooking up the swill.

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