Thursday, November 14, 2013

Americans for Plutocracy Und Vulture School Visconsin

Genus - Visconsinus Schoolus Vulturi

O.K. I've somehow gotten on some interesting email lists, for example all of a sudden I recently started receiving emails from Wisconsin Right to Life. Now apparently I'm on the list of Wisconsin's Tentacle of Americans for Plutocracy (AFP).

Oh joy, I have been offered an opportunity to attend an event designed to Destroy our Public Schools, the Core of Our Communities, turn my future grandchildren and the children of Wisconsin into Perpetual Revenue Streams to flood Vulture Schools (Profit Centers) and satisfy the plunder-lust of the corporatist educational privateers (Pirates) on Wall Street! Libertea My A$$!

AFP: "We know that every child deserves access to a quality education-regardless of their income or zip code." Hmmmmmm.

Of course the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee is a favorite venue the reactionaries in the Neo-Gilded Age movement funded by the Koch Bros Plutoctopus. But seriously, Waukesha, the most prosperous County in the Badgered State!? 

I know it's naught but GOPropaganda, but we're constantly told that the vultures are supposed to help students in poverty to attend schools where they will have a better chance to achieve, even though that has Not Worked for over Two Decades now in Milwaukee. Pewaukee is not going to be an easy place for poor people from Milwaukee, Racine and Beloit to get to on a Tuesday evening. So who exactly IS the target audience for American for Plutocracy?

Well, we now know that almost Three-Quarters, 73% of the the Vulture School students in Wisconsin this year attended private schools last year. That means that Your Tax Dollars are going to subsidize families who could already afford to foot the bills themselves. Yes, just another example of Vulture Vos and Walker's GOP SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of the public subsidizing the already well-to-do.

But could it also be that they're already abandoning the victims of concentrated poverty that they've long claimed they want to help? Because we all know how much Republicons Care about Poor People. Could it be that the GOPsters see the writing on the wall with the failure of the Milwaukee Vulture Experiment? That it really is The Poverty Stupid?! That's a problem the Republicons have no interest in tackling.

Perhaps the Educational Profiteers are looking for some students who are not disadvantaged by concentrated poverty and a failing community to bolster their Vulture School test scores, while taking your money of course and giving it to the Privateers. Perhaps they think it will be easier and more profitable to work with silver spoon students who don't have to beat the odds. Ya Think!?

Speaking of the odds, Wisconsin Locks up more Black Men Than Any Other State, beating Oklahoma by a whopping 6%! It ain't even close people! In Milwaukee County more than half of black men in their thirties have spent prison time. Milwaukee is also The Most Segregated City in Merica. By the way, the map in the previous link also shows that there are almost no black people at all in Waukesha County and especially around the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee. Milwaukee is also the Fourth Poorest City in Merica! These sad facts about our state are all COMPLETELY related. THOSE ARE THE ODDS!

Is it any wonder that the wolves are $eeking $heep fed in Greener Pasture$? But Solving the Real Problem was never what Vultures at American's for Plutocracy and their sponsors, the Koch's the Walton's (Walmart) and the De Vos' (Amway) are after. They are after your money and they are willing to use your children as their pawns and pick the rib cage of your local community schools clean in order to get their spoils!


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Peace be upon you.