Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Personal Responsibility + Private Insurance + Private Providers = Obamacare


Things are not looking good for swillers of ignorance and ill-will that crafted the disgustingly bigoted image above. But if you're teabaggnorant enough to believe that healthcare delivered by private providers, covered by private insurance companies and paid for by responsible citizens is SOSHILISM!, you might also be foolish enough to look a gift dark horse in the mouth.

The Wisconsin Public Radio Saint Norbert's College Survey for fall 2013 demonstrates very strong and GROWING support for the Affordable Care Act!

54% of Wisconsinites support the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, up from 41% in 2010.

60% of Wisconsinites favor the individual mandate for American's to take personal responsibility and buy private insurance and their families. That's up from 59% in 2009.

70% of Wisconsinites favor the public option of our federal government offering citizens coverage similar to medicare to compete with private insurance. That's up 26% from 2009.

81% of Wisconsinites favor requiring insurance companies to cover everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions. That's up from 77% in 2009.

And a whopping 84% of Wisconsinites Disapprove of Shutting the Down Our Government over Obamacare! Furthermore, 74% believe Obamacare should NOT be part of discussions related to the budget or raising the debt ceiling, for which 42% blame the Republicons in Congress. Put that in your cup and swill it Ted Cruz!

Thank you President Obama and Democrats for demonstrating that when guided wisely Our Government Can Work to make the private sector function better for the all the people of America. Because like fire, capitalism can be a wonderful servant if tended carefully, but a deadly disaster if left to be whipped by the winds of unregulated greed!

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