Monday, December 17, 2012

Again!? Ban Weapons of Mass Murder . . . AGAIN!

I'm just updating a post to the BAP blog from July 20, 2012, for crying out loud. Literally! Please, I don't want to have to ever do this again, again.

When will we outlaw weapons of mass murder like the AR - 15 Bushmaster and the high capacity magazine used by the mass murderer du jour in Aurora, CO Newtown, CT? Oh yeah, we already did it was called the Assault Weapons Ban, but the Republicons gleefully let it expire in 2004 as required by their puppet masters, the Bloody NRA.

I'm not against people having guns, but high powered, highly concealable guns with high capacity, easily interchangeable magazine clips that allowed the Virginia Tech mass murderer to spray 170 rounds in 5 minutes are not weapons of sport or self-defense. The only thing they are good for is mass murder, no one needs one and no one should have one, let alone Four three!

For crying out loud, give us a chance, at least make'em have to RELOAD!


ksiyoto said...

Yeah, that whole "own guns to protect yourself" idea sure worked well for the shooter's mother....

Jack Lohman said...

Nothing is 100%, even the "rushing the shooter" as suggested in this article: . And training both girls and boys self defense.

And while I agree 100% with Sean, I don't think we can be oblivious to the fact that schools are targets because school teachers (and workers) DON'T HAVE GUNS! We can do more to protect them.

Sean Cranley said...

Well Jack, I can think of a couple teachers I had over the years who I wouldn't have wanted to have guns, especially considering my behaviour at the time. I might never have made it out of the 4th grade! ;>