Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Years After Bush-Cheney Time Bandits & War Criminals

Remember? 12 years ago about this time of year in 2001, before 9/11, Dick Cheney was holding his secret energy task force meetings. Only the Dickster and the fossil industries were allowed to attend or know what was discussed, the public and any other groups were excluded and the content kept secret through executive privilege.

Under a Freedom of Information Act request the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch was able to get three small documents from the conclaves that inadvertently happened to be at the State Dept. and therefore had to be released under the law. These three little documents speak volumes about the agenda of the Cheney Administration.

Remember? 10 years ago at about this time of year they invaded Iraq, a country who had nothing to do with 911, on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction that they knew were not there. That whole "enterprise" went very poorly for both the American and Iraqi people. These Time Bandits ran up the national debt for our children, gave the bootie to their buddies to run the war/security machine and now their GOPster brethren want to take away your retirement and healthcare security in the name of reducing the debt they created!

Theft and War Crimes on a grand scale. Shouldn't these treasonous bastards be in prison?

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